Summers Over

Wow, I can't believe summer is over and we stop and realized all the indulgence that we have enjoyed over the summer.  Now its time to get back into that school and work routine we all love.

Don't Feel Bad!

There's no need to feel guilty about anything!  Take control and get your body back.  This 3 month challenge will get your body and mind back into the daily program that is so important.

Start September 1st

We highly recommend you come in for measurements and photos, body assessment and goal planning prior to the beginning of your challenge.

We are offering both a challenge with meal supplements, vitamins, fat burners and a personal training package.

Your commitment is three personal training sessions a week for three months, thats 3 hours out of 7 days.

Change your mind, your confidence, your energy level, and so much more.  Start your challenge today!